Finished Build 
Friday, 16 May, 2014, 23:36
Posted by Henry
Sorry its taken so long to get pictures of the finished bike onto the blog. No excuse other than laziness, Anyway, below are a couple of piccies of the bike not long after I finished it, i should have taken more while everyting was still pristeen clean but it had been a long day I think fettling with front and rear mechs. The only changes I have made since I took these is to remove the rest of the steerer tube so the top cap now sits flush against that beautiful stem.

Well how does she ride? Absolutely bloody fantastic! I'm stunned at how smooth the ride is, a combination I suspect of the steel frame, carbon fork and custom wheels. The final weight was a bit heavier than calculated, around 7.7kg, but no heavyweight and light for a steel bike. The bike is stiff (but not carbon stiff, obvioulsy) and feels very lively and 'springy' out of the saddle and climbing. I'm still getting used to the handling on descents, its so different from the Bianchi. A bit more agile, but not twitchy, I'm holding back on some big downhill corners because I really dont yet know what the bike is capable of but I suspect, a lot more.
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