The Paint Job

Someone told me designing the paint scheme would be the hardest part of this build and they were sort of right. Once I settled on the colour I knew how I wanted the rest of the bike to look. I wanted a classic look, clean lines, not too many colours. I also knew I wanted most of the components to be silver rather than the usual black that is so common on modern road bikes. Therefore I settled on this gorgeous deep red with matching ‘chrome’ decals. The headbadge is custom made and is polished stainless steel.

The forks are carbon and I had them stripped and painted to match the frame. Whilst the carbon weave was lovely to look at I didnt want the forks to be a different colour.

The whole frame and fork
The obligatory personalised top tube
H & K, Awww, how sweet :o)
Those bosses look even better against the red
A classic tube-set
H & K again, headbadge designed by Mr J Kirk, hand-made in the US of A!