Henry’s Bike

Written in Feb 19

The next couple of pages are lifted from the old blog and are based on pics from when the bike came back from the paint shop, the build and then a couple of (admittedly not very good) photos of the finished article.

I should probably ‘fess up at this point and admit to swapping out the Mechanical SRAM Red Groupset for electronic SRAM eTap. There was nothing particularly wrong with the mechanical, it was exceptionally light and shifted fine. I just wanted to clean up the lines of the bike, get rid of the external cabling etc. There is no internal routing on the frame so Di2 was not an option, it had to be wireless eTap. Some of my friends said that lecky gears on a retro bike was wrong. They are missing the point of this bike; for me it was never supposed to be ‘retro’, otherwise i wouldn’t have put SRAM Red on it. For me this bike was mostly about building my own frame. I do like traditional looking bikes and have never been interested in a carbon bike. I wanted something unique and it is that; i never ever get tired of people asking me about it, its certainly not to everyone’s taste but I love it.

Anyway, this is the confession bit, after making such a fuss of the stainless steel cable bosses on the downtube in the previous few pages I made the really difficult decision to cut them off! I know, i know after all that work but to be honest they looked stupid sticking out with no cables attached to them. I got the dremel out and cut them off and the spent a while polishing what was left so that there are now just a couple of vestigial stubs. I left the stop on the chainstay, its mostlty out of sight and cutting it off would have meant taking it all the way back to the bare metal of the chainstay, leaving a messy touch up paint job. I’ll probably get it taken off when i eventually get a re-spray.