Day 5

The last day; its gone by so quickly and been so much fun but we had a load of work to do today if we are to stand a chance of finishing the frames. Simon still has to finish his forks as he has only brazed in the steerer column at this point. Henry has to braze the seatstays, mitre and fit the brake bridge, fit the brake cable bosses and finally polish the STI bosses.

Final brazing on H’s frame
Si’s fork crown and steerer in the jig ready for the blades
Fork brazed, canti bosses added
Stainless bosses polished and shiny
Henry’s finished frame

Phew! That was a lot of work. Ok, i didn’t quite do all the work. I needed a wee hand with the mitres on the top tube and the silver soldering….but other than that…. It needs some tidying up, filing all the lumps and bumps off before its ready for paint.

Simon still has a bit more work, but then he has forks and all those touring related attachments to sort (pannier mounts, mudguard mounts etc). Read on….

Seatstay detail on Si’s frame
Si’s frame, just about there
Rear mudguard mount

That was just the most fun. Yeah ok so I got a bit frustrated with handfiling the mitres but the week just flew by and we weren’t exactly doing short days. It was immensely satisfying and i’d do it again in a heartbeat if I could….er but it is quite expensive. The raw Reynolds 853 tube-set alone was £280 before we’d even picked a tool up. I think all in the week was bout £1,200. Worth every single penny though.