Why Wouldn’t You?

Read on to see how we made these!

Well, why? Building your own frame is just a lot of fun and immensely satisfying.The words and pictures here are pretty much as we first blogged them back in 2014 but the previous blog site was looking a bit tired; its been given a fresh new look.

The frame build was something Simon and I had been hankering after for a few years and the timing (and finances!) just fell into place in Jan 14. We went with a company based in Ironbridge called Bicycles by Design. Every other week they run a framebuild course. If after reading this you fancy it, give them a shout; if you like tinkering with bikes even a little bit, you wont regret it.

Oh, and flux stings like a bastard when you get it in an open wound (remember to de-burr). Right, enough waffle click on Day 1 to get started. Enjoy.